At I Wish Travel we strive to constantly bring you the best advice and information to help you plan your Gap Year.

We have a lot of experience, but sometimes two heads are often better than one.

So that is why we have instigated a program of collaboration with leading, up & coming writers from around the world.

Our Experience

Here is a list of our experience in the Travel Industry & with Gap Years . . .

  • 10 Years Travel Industry Experience.
  • Planning, organising & arranging RTW trips.
  • Working at 4 Airports.
  • Living in America for 1 year
  • Living in Spain 3x
  • 4 Gap Years
  • Business Travel
  • Account Management for Gap Year companies
  • Volunteering Abroad
  • Working Abroad
  • Learning Abroad
  • Talks & Advice Clinics given at schools & colleges.

What We Offer

  • Bespoke Articles – we are always happy to write bespoke articles for people but would require at least 1 weeks notice!
  • Already Existing Articles – you are welcome to make use of our current articles and information on our website with prior notification!

What We Expect In Return

We would prefer to enter into a collaboration that is based on a mutual exchange of work. ie 1 piece from us . . 1 from you . . . and so on.  But we would consider suitable 1 off requests as well.

  • We expect a min 2 links per article back to our page and/or website.
  • Placement of a short bio at the end of the post.
  • Tweeting & Re-Tweeting of our collaborations.
  • Be open – if you cannot meet a deadline or are very busy, then send us a quick email, we will always try to meet our commitments but understand the unexpected can happen.
  • Ending the collaboration – at any time either can end the relationship, but notice should be given in case of work being carried out!

If you are eager to work with us or if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Either leave a comment below or email us : info AT

We look forward to hearing from you.